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Backcountry Coffee Showdown

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On my most recent hike into the wild, I decided to host a Backcountry Coffee Showdown. While I was the only one in attendance the stakes were high. The winner would win its rightful place as my go-to backcountry coffee. In one corner, the heavy weight champion- Starbucks Via French Roast! Easily accessible and known across the land. In the other corner- the upstart cinderella-story Stoked Roaster Dark Roast Stoked Stix. An early morning canyon view set the scene as I brewed enough water to make two 8 oz cups of coffee. Utilizing Hiking the Wild’s proprietary scientific tasting methods (repeatedly drinking the two coffees in between palate cleansing Twizzler chaser bites) I came to a decision…

Stay tuned as I announce the winner later this week.

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