Cucamonga Peak: Two Dichotomies Colliding

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Cucamonga Peak. The quintessential expression of two dichotomies colliding: wilderness and city. An arresting image, grand in scope and contradiction.

As sunrise broke forth across the quiet of the morning, I stood high, at over 88OO feet atop the San Bernardino Valley, gazing upon the wonder. Here, where I stood, the population consisted of six humans, two dogs and a scattering of chipmunks. Down below, the valley is home to nearly 4 million. Here, silence rules, noise is foreign. Down below, noise reigns, silence: rare. This is the joy of hiking the wild. A time to escape the noise, pause and appreciate the rhythm of nature.

Six miles, 4500 feet, and 5 hours. Time enough for a short journey to a world apart.

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